martedì 26 agosto 2008


Nuova iniziativa creata dalla Community SLAYALIVE.COM, volete che Buffy "viva" ancora?
Volete che venga girata l'ottava serie?
Volete il cartone animato ?
Volete il film su Buffy, Spike o Faith?
Bene allora votate numerosissimi e fate pubblicità con questo banner messo a disposizione da SlayAlive!!!
Vota QUI:
This is a project born form the Community, I think it is a really wonderful idea so please vote for Buffy!!!Click HERE to vote please, we want Buffy lives again...
The recent success of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog's internet release and the leaking of Buffy: The Animated Series has inspired us Buffy fans to want MORE Buffy. We want Buffy back in live action and we've got a plan.In fact, we've got a theory! We're looking to write a tiered list of proposals to FOX backed by carefully researched interest in the Buffy franchise. This proposal will cite the financial success of Buffy franchise (DVD sales, merchandise, Season 8 comics), the strength of the Buffy online fandom and the opportunities for capitalizing on the growing internet creative elements demonstrated by Dr. Horrible's recent and continued success. We want to show Fox they can make money by bringing the Buffyverse back to live action and we're going to show them how. So this means concrete evidence of financial success and examples of Buffy in the media put together in a proposal that is signed by as many Buffy fans as we can get a hold of. Once we have a petition signed and growing interest, we take this movement to the media outlets to get wider coverage. We are RESURRECTING the Buffyverse to live action. And we're thinking the most ideal and viable medium is ANIMATION, either broadcast or as webisodes and then later released on DVD.Areas we want to stir up interest in:
1) Buffy feature film.
2) Buffy The Animated Series brought back into production
3) Buffy Season 8 Animated
4) Spike movie or a Faith movie. Remember the talk about a Spike movie or a Faith tv show, well imagine if it were animated and James Marsters or Eliza Dushku returned to voice the character.
5) Fray Animated Series.So Buffy "Super fans" as Joss calls us, we need to unite and start to organize this petition.
We need help collecting the research to write up this petition, make it a convincing business proposal to Fox backed by thousands of Buffy super fans yelling "We Want MORE".

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