sabato 14 marzo 2009


Anche quest' anno ci sarà il Birthday's Project, un' iniziatva benefica voluta da Sarah per il suo compleanno.

Essendo Sarah l'ambasciatrice della fondazione CARE, tutti le donazioni andranno a favore di essa.

La nostra Sarah chiede a tutti i noi di mandare un'offerta come regalo di compleanno.

From Eleagold (SMG Board) :

As you probably remember, last year’s Birthday Project was a collective donation to CARE ( We gathered $1,775 that were donated in Sarah’s name on April 14th.

Since it is a great cause and Sarah is still an ambassador for CARE, we’ve decided to donate again to them this year.

We are well aware that the current state of the economy does not encourage huge donations, but even the smallest amount will make a difference. Even if you can only spare $1, please do not hesitate to contribute to this project.

You can send your donation through Paypal to and I will keep track of all donations and keep you updated here regularly. You can include your screenname as it might make it easier to keep track of all the donations. As I did last year, I will post the receipt as a proof that the money has been donated right after I receive it.

Because we chose to use Paypal, Care will not be able to issue individual tax receipts. The global tax receipt will not be used by anyone. If you are planning on participating to the project and really want a tax receipt for your donation, or for any questions about this, please contact me at

We have a little over a month to gather as much as possible! Please feel free to spread the word around, convince your friends to donate to a great cause, post in other forums, etc. And please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions regarding Paypal or the project in general.

"For my birthday, I ask friends to make a donation to CARE in my name. It makes me so happy."

- Sarah Michelle Gellar, Instyle May 2008

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